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Overview of the project

Insertion through economic activity allows low-skilled adults who are far from employment to get their foot in the door, via special integration contracts. In the insertion structures for through economic activity, they receive appropriate support on the job.

The people who supervise them on the ground - the insertion counsellors - multiply their experience and resources in order to meet a multidimensional challenge: on-the-job training and technical supervision on the one hand, and psychosocial follow-up and job coaching on the other. Whether they are social workers or technical supervisors, the precise profile of these support staff varies from one structure to another, as do their roles and missions.

Thanks to the results that will be produced, ACTION aims to improve the support given to people in integration, and to develop the methodology of training through work as an innovative and integrated response to the needs of these people and to contemporary social and economic issues.

To achieve this, the project brings together 6 partners from 3 European countries, all active in the field of the social economy of integration and integration through work.

In short, the ACTION project aims to support the work of insertion counsellors by :


Harmonising and formalising support for the target group


Pedagogising the approach, equipping teams with adequate tools


Providing recommendations for guidance towards sustainable employment

Project partners

In collaboration with:


Newsletter #1

The first project newsletter is online.

Check it out to learn more about the project, and the work done by the partners since its launch.

Project results

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